In our chamber of commerce, all members are able to access the benefits and events on offer from the alliances of BritCham Colombia’s network. This is in addition to their annual membership.

At BritCham we offer tailor-made consulting services, which may include but are not limited to the following:


La Alianza 80/180 is a TicTac project, whose purpose is to create a network of companies that generates a space for analysis and discussion around issues related to the Internet of Things (IoT). This program includes both companies that offer IoT-based solutions and those that need them, thus creating a space where supply meets demand.


CoCrea is a corporation that connects the business sector with high-impact strategic opportunities. Through contributions to cultural and creative projects endorsed by CoCrea, it is not only possible to access the broadest and most flexible tax benefits in the country, but also to contribute to economic and employment reactivation, enhancing reputational impact and contributing to the continued development of the country.
BritCham Colombia has formed an alliance with CoCrea, as a result of which our members have greater opportunities for business.


The Universidad del Norte is an outstanding institution of higher education in Colombia, committed to excellence and leadership, research, globalization and its social impact, internalization, inclusion, supported by an excellent faculty staff and an efficient administration.
BritCham Colombia and Universidad del Norte have formed an alliance that aims to strengthen relations between businessmen and academics from both Colombia and the UK.


The Association of Chambers of Industry and Commerce of the European Union (Eurocamaras) has been dedicated to the strengthening and promotion of trade between Colombia and EU countries since 1998. It is made up of several binational chambers.


RedBrit brings together British University alumni groups and associations in Colombia, with the goal of fostering and promoting social, cultural, sporting and academic relations amongst its members, as well as between these members and the United Kingdom. This is parallel to the goal of promoting access to business opportunities, employment and social projects for its members with the support of its strategic allies.


Chevening is an international scholarship program for higher education studies in the UK.
It seeks to foster friendship and cooperation amongst its members, promote opportunities for personal and professional development, and generate a positive impact on the world around us. In particular, the program promotes the strengthening of relations with the UK through social, cultural and commercial activities. Its purpose is to serve as a bridge to connect ideas, materialize projects, support each other, and contribute reflections on national and international debates.


Canning House is the UK’s leading think tank on Latin America – a global forum for intellectual leadership and pragmatic debate on the region’s political, economic, social, health and environmental trends and issues, and their implications for business risks and opportunities.
Thanks to BritCham Colombia’s alliance with Canning House our affiliate members can access the exclusive events of an organization that for over 75 years has sought to build understanding and relationships between the UK, Latin America and the Iberian peninsula.


Colombia Productiva’s goal is to execute the country’s industrial policy, helping industry and companies to enhance production, with greater quality and value, in order to be more productive and competitive, and with the capacity to respond to global demand.
On February 3, BritCham Colombia and Colombia Productiva officially launched their relationship, such that members can access Colombia Productiva’s services, an entity which is part of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, in favour of the country’s economic reactivation. The two entities have developed a business action plan to promote the development of new businesses and strengthen the capacities of affiliated companies.


Analdex is a private non-profit organization whose objective is to promote and strengthen national export activity, support the design and execution of short-, medium- and long-term export policies.
Analdex advises entrepreneurs to make exports a better business, assisting in the definition of foreign trade strategies. It also encourages export culture and competitiveness.
BritCham and Analdex formed an official alliance on February 24, 2021, through which they seek to implement joint business projects to leverage, facilitate and promote foreign trade and relations between Colombia and the United Kingdom.


ProColombia is the entity in charge of promoting tourism, foreign investment in Colombia, non-mining energy exports and the country’s reputational image.
Through its national and international network of offices, it offers comprehensive support and advice to clients, through services or instruments aimed at facilitating the design and execution of internationalization strategy, which seeks the generation, development and closure of business opportunities.
BritCham Colombia maintains and fosters a close relationship with the local relationship with the local office in London to support entrepreneurs seeking to bring their products to that market.


DIT in Colombia helps UK companies increase their competitiveness through foreign trade in Colombia. It also offers professional and personalized assistance to help companies in Colombia seek opportunities and expand in the UK.
DIT offers its expertise and contacts through its extensive networks of specialists in the UK, and in British embassies and other diplomatic offices around the world. The Department for International trade is a key partner of BritCham in supporting and advising companies on their entry into bilateral trade.


The Embassy has expanded its work in Colombia to support UK interests and identify opportunities for British companies in Colombia in new areas such as infrastructure, science and innovation, higher education, amongst others. The Embassy provides consular assistance to British citizens in the country. BritCham Colombia, a key partner of this diplomatic mission, allows companies to have a direct relationship with the Embassy.